D&D4E: Rise of the Runelords (Formerly GURPS)

9th Session: Deeper Into the Catacombs.
The aptly-named episode in which the party presses further into the catacombs.

In Attendance:

The party had their hands full of dice rolls in this session, as they encountered Koruvus and several zombies, and then came across a strange Gravity Room from which they were able to rescue an ancient text from times long lost. They explored much of the rest of the compound, and look forward to pressing on next time…

5th/6th Session: New Faces!
The episode in which everything starts over again from the middle.

In a brutal act of retroactive continuity, the universe completely changed the fortunes of 5 fresh faces in Sandpoint – bestowing unto them all of the memories, prestige, achievements, relationships, and so on, that were possessed by the previous adventuring group that saved the town. Proving their mettle, this group presses further on into the danger that awaits them in the Glassworks.

Goblins certainly seemed to have overrun the Kaijutsu Glassworks, as the party made their way through the building. Some of the spoils of war were captured, and the party proved that in no way had their skill diminished in the course of their “being stolen from their previous campaign and being dropped right into the middle of this current state of affairs,” on the contrary the group showed great prowess in the face of strong odds!

4th and a half Session: Total Goof Off!
The episode in which we make a decision.

The party went to the Glassworks, broke in, and fought goblins.
The Players, on the other hand, did a lot of catching up.
It was great. :)

4th Session: Long overdue!
The "Fill-space" episode.

As the party continued in enjoying their fine treatment at the hands of Sandpoint’s citizenry, they were one day asked to meet with Sheriff Hemlock and Mayor Deverin once more.
The renowned ranger Shalelu Andosana was there as well, an unexpected surprise for the townsfold, as they were not expecting one of her seasonal visits for quite some time. She gave a bleak picture of the recent Goblin trouble in Sandpoint and throughout the hinterlands, and told of the little brutes attacking more often and in more organized parties – a truly worrying prospect. The sheriff had decided that he needed to take a trip down to Magnimar to try to secure more soldiers for a few weeks (at least until the extent of the threat can be determined).
He asked the party to maintain a public presence in Sandpoint while he’s out of town, to help keep the peace and to reassure the common folk.
Following the meeting, Shalelu had a lengthy and friendly discussion with the party, telling them about many of the various habits and mannerisms of goblins (a particular specialty of hers). Over dinner, she told the party that her plan was to sniff around the various goblin tribes to find some answers, and that she would report back when she had found some.
Some days after Shalelu had left, and before the Sheriff had returned, they awoke to a very upset Bethana Corwin, a maid that has worked at the Rusty Dragon Inn for some time. Ameiko Kaijutsu was missing (an unheard of thing), her bed unslept in, and a crumpled note from her brother was found in her room. While the note was written in the Kaijutsu’s native language, Eritai was able to translate it. Bethana then explained Tsuto Kaijutsu and Ameiko’s relationship, and Tsuto’s background in the town.

3rd Session: Heroic Achievement!
The Rescue of Aldern Foxglove

The night’s chaos continued, and the party continued in defending the good people of Sandpoint. Father Zantus healed their wounds and told of reports coming in from other parts of the village. Rushing to aid the people and the Sandpoint Guard, they came across a nobleman from Magnimar and his dog. Too late to save the dog, the group defeats the goblin squad, Goblin Dogs and all.
The nobleman introduced himself as Aldern Foxglove, and was very thorough in his thanks and his compliments of the party’s skills – promising a reward when the excitement had died down somewhat. The increasing crowd of adoring fans drew them back to the Cathedral, where Mayor Kendra Deverin, Sheriff Belor Hemlock, and Father Zantus wished to convey their thanks and also to inform the group of some information they had acquired from some captured and interrogated: that the goblins were on a “secret mission” to the town’s graveyard, and that Father Tobyn’s remains had been stolen! They were told to enjoy the rest of their night and rest, and those that stayed in the town that night ate and slept like kings, all on the generosity and gratefulness of the townsfolk.
The next morning, the group met with Aldern, who had planned to take them hunting in the nearby forest of Tickwood, where game was plentiful and the surroundings reasonably safe. He even went so far as to buy mounts for the group before heading out!
While on the hunt, he continued to be gracious in conversation (and rather interested in Arya) conversing about his experiences in Magnimar, and asking after many details about the group. There was a sense among the group that while Aldern was certainly a nice man, he perhaps did not have much in the way of friends.. The hunt went well (perhaps even too well), and the boars were returned to Ameiko Kaijutsu at the Rusty Dragon Inn. She prepared a magnificent feast and shared it with all comers to the inn, further cementing the party’s position as town darlings.
It was becoming obvious how the townsfolk felt, as preferential treatments were increasingly given: free bread from the baker, favorable attention from the young eligible, and more as the days move along!

In Attendance:
Holland Arrowneck
Norvin Bearheart

CP awarded: 4!

2nd Session: Goblins Attack!
Goblins: Now in bite size servings!

When we last left our party, goblins were suddenly swarming through the city! How did they enter, why are they attacking? These questions would have to wait. Several goblins ran up on to the podium, menacing the crowd while a few other snuck between buildings in a crude flanking maneuver. During the following melee, Mayor Kendra Deverin was wounded by a goblin wielding a horsechopper, and another villager, Amele Barett sustained a nasty goblin bite, luckily on the arm opposite the one that carried her son!
The party did not entirely escape injury either, but they slew the Goblin Warchanter and turned the invaders’ courage into terror!
After a brief respite (and some much appreciated healing), a loud explosion and bloom of flame appeared from somewhere directly south of the party. To the cheers of the crowd, the party rushed forward to deal with this new threat, and did so in a timely and terribly efficient manner.

In Attendance:
Norvin Bearheart

CP awarded: 3

First Session: Swallowtail Festival
Now setting records for percentage of characters that vomit!

Our adventures in Sandpoint begin! (Sunday, Rova 1st, 4707 AR)
The crowd gathered for the opening speeches of the Swallowtail Festival was quite respectable, by anyone’s reckoning, with many visitors in town and even many of the more reclusive farmers making the trek with their families to celebrate with the town of Sandpoint.
Mayor Kendra Deverin had a friendly attitude and excitement about the festival and town proved contagious as she welcomed visitors to town and joked that even Lars Rovanky managed to tear himself away from the tannery to attend (to everyone but Lars’ amusement). Sheriff Belor Hemlock made an address which managed to kill the mood a bit, despite even the dry heaving of a panicked dwarf hidden behind a nearby building (Holland), and an overconfident halfling plummeting from the roof (Eritai) during the moment of silence for those who had lost their lives during the Late Unpleasantness. Fortunately, Cyrdak Drokkus was more that up to the challenge of bringing the crowd’s mood back up with his rousing anecdotes as he delivered a not-completely-irreverent recap of the recent times and long process that the town went through to finance and built the new cathedral. He threw in a bit of indulgent self-promotion at the end, inviting everyone to stop by the Sandpoint Theatre the following evening to check out the new production (one of his own), called “The Harpy’s Curse,” and revealed that the lead role of Avisera the harpy queen would be played by none other than the famous Magnimarian diva Allishandra! Concluding the opening ceremonies was Father Zantus, who stepped up to give a short speech thanking everyone for coming before officially declaring the Swallowtail Festival under way.
The party went their separate ways for the most part during the Festival:
-Holland finding something of a kindred soul in Brodert Quink (despite their different approaches) at the location of the Old Light. Good discussion was had with a more-than-slightly inebriated Brodert, who spoke about the old light being something of an ancient flaming weapon..
-Eritai and Kieyanna (who managed a nifty bit of wordplay to get inside) headed off to the Hagfish, unable to resist the challenge involving Norah’s tank water mixed with a potent shot of Orcish Rotgut. Unfortunately, both were parted from their silver and their breakfasts, much to the cheers of the tavern, and Jargie Quinn even gave them a drink on the house for being such good sports.
-Arya took immediately to petty theft in the form of pickpocketing, and then proceeded to gamble it all away in a whirlwind of fortune and fate. (and perhaps Karma…)

At Noon, the crowd reassembled just outside of the new cathedral. Father Zantus and his acolytes brought out the wagon, gave a short parable, and released the thousand Swallowtail butterflies into the air in a spiralling riot of color to a great cheer from the crowd. Throughout the rest of the day, children (and Arya) tried to catch even one of the butterflies, but none were able.
Lunch was provided at no cost, as each of Sandpoint’s taverns brought their best offerings in an innocent competition of food, though in the end it was Ameiko Kaijutsu and her remarkable curry-spiced salmon and early winterdrop mead which were the people’s choice.

Revelry continued throughout the afternoon, and a great amount of fun was had. Arya managed to wear her pants as a cape, and Holland, despite his dwarven heritage and constitution, found a way to a full-on stupor, complete with hallucinations. These passed at least in part, by evening, but Holland did, unfortunately, lose the tremendous lunch he had taken earlier.

As the sun finally began to set, the consecration of the new cathedral began. Once again, the people gathered, and Father Zantus took the central podium. Using a thunderstone to gather the people’s attentions, he prepared to recite the Prayer of First Dreaming…
Suddenly, a woman’s scream pierced the air. A few moments later, another scream rises, and then another. Beyond them, a sudden surge of strange new voices rises – high pitched, tittering shrieks that sound not quite human. The crowd parts, and something low to the ground races by, giggling with disturbing glee as a stray dog gives a pained yelp, then lies still. A raucous sound of strange singing begins, chanted from shrill scratchy voices…

In attendance:
and one other, whose name escape me..


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