D&D4E: Rise of the Runelords

Session 1

Goblin Attack!

When we last left our party, goblins were suddenly swarming through the city! How did they enter, why are they attacking? These questions would have to wait. Several goblins ran up on to the podium, menacing the crowd while a few other snuck between buildings in a crude flanking maneuver. During the following melee, Jeffery Sarkus (a laborer) was fatally wounded by a goblin wielding a horsechopper, and another villager, Amele Barrett
sustained a nasty goblin bite, luckily on the arm opposite the one that carried his son!
The party did not entirely escape injury either, but they slew the initial force handily. There was no time for rest, however, as a group of children on a nearby wagon started screaming and pointing – A Goblin Warchanter and some fighters were in the process of killing the fabled goblin arch-nemesis… A dog!
A call from behind a nearby wagon revealed a noble (who the dog was protecting), one Aldern Foxglove
The party defeated the coterie of goblins, took the opportunity to catch their breaths, and looked further south to the chaos the town had descended into in such a short time. To the cheers of the crowd present, the party rushed forward to deal with further threats.



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