D&D4E: Rise of the Runelords

Session 2

Saving the Rusty Dragon

A messenger ran up to Ameiko as night loomed on the horizon, breathless but carrying news: " The Rusty Dragon … They’ve surrounded it… Trying to burn it to the ground!"
The group rushed to help out, and found a large group of goblins busy at work setting fire to the Inn.

Fortunately, two adventurous souls also happened to be nearby, and they sprung into action as well! The odds evened, they managed to take down the goblin force, and worked to put out the blazes that threatened to consume the building.

A very grateful Ameiko promised free room and board to the group, and upon receiving news that the Sandpoint guard had flushed the remainder of the invaders from the town, festivities renewed with a fervor. Aldern Foxglove paid particularly close attention to the dwarven invoker, seeking to show his gratefulness for the earlier rescue – and being possibly even a bit over enthusiastic in his lauding and appreciation of his prowess and valor. It certainly was hard to tell though, in the midst of such jubilation from as many people as would fit in the Rusty Dragon Inn.

Waking the next morning, they found the kitchen staff of the Rusty Dragon hard at work (Ameiko included), as well as a freshly made basket of piping hot blueberry muffins with a note from Mrs. Barrett, expressing her appreciation for rescuing her husband the day before, and helping all of Sandpoint. Breakfast in belly, the door to the Inn opened to reveal a large crowd, singing the praises of “the saviors of Sandpoint!”

Then the group went their separate ways, enjoying the adoration of an entire town for a day – it’s good to be king!



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