D&D4E: Rise of the Runelords

Session 3
It's Good to be on Top!


The party enjoyed a day of some of the best treatment they’d ever received – luxury, favorable treatment, freshly baked blueberry muffins, even a bit of mercy given for some “obviously” shady behavior!

Orsik had a good conversation with Sheriff Belor Hemlock about the goblin incursion, and was able to meet with the jailer Vachedi
Carric very narrowly escaped a physical altercation with Ven Vinder after an almost-tryst with his very forward (and more than a little devious) daughter Shayliss
Tryn spent some time enjoying nearly every food in Sandpoint, and sharing it with the very grateful animals in town
Zanne and Rangrim were busy "translating some ancient texts in the cathedral’s library


The next morning, the group met with Aldern, who had planned to take them hunting in the nearby forest of Tickwood, for a traditional Varisian boar hunt. He even went so far as to buy mounts for the group before heading out!
While on the hunt, he continued to be gracious in conversation (and rather interested in Rangrim) conversing about his experiences in the Cathedral, and asking after many details about the group. There was a sense among the group that while Aldern was certainly a nice man, he perhaps did not have much in the way of friends.. The hunt went spectacularly well, and the boars were returned to Ameiko Kaijutsu at the Rusty Dragon Inn. She prepared a magnificent feast and shared it with all comers to the inn, further cementing the party’s position as town darlings.

Right in the middle of the feast, however, a panicked and breathless Verah Barrett burst through the doors of the Rusty Dragon, nearly hysterical. She spoke of a struggle in her house, and her husband being in great danger, and the party sprinted to help. On the way, she told of how her son had been having nightmares (surely chalked up to the recent attack), and seeing monsters in his closet. Tonight however, the dog began barking frantically, and when her husband Amele went to investigate, she heard terrible sounds and screaming. She grabbed her son and fled to the nearby tavern.


Arriving at the Barrett’s house, the party entered to find several goblins at work eating the unconscious husband (he will likely bear terrible scars for the remainder of his life). They defeated the little terrors, and saved Amele’s life, bringing him back from the brink of death.

Session 2
Saving the Rusty Dragon

A messenger ran up to Ameiko as night loomed on the horizon, breathless but carrying news: " The Rusty Dragon … They’ve surrounded it… Trying to burn it to the ground!"
The group rushed to help out, and found a large group of goblins busy at work setting fire to the Inn.

Fortunately, two adventurous souls also happened to be nearby, and they sprung into action as well! The odds evened, they managed to take down the goblin force, and worked to put out the blazes that threatened to consume the building.

A very grateful Ameiko promised free room and board to the group, and upon receiving news that the Sandpoint guard had flushed the remainder of the invaders from the town, festivities renewed with a fervor. Aldern Foxglove paid particularly close attention to the dwarven invoker, seeking to show his gratefulness for the earlier rescue – and being possibly even a bit over enthusiastic in his lauding and appreciation of his prowess and valor. It certainly was hard to tell though, in the midst of such jubilation from as many people as would fit in the Rusty Dragon Inn.

Waking the next morning, they found the kitchen staff of the Rusty Dragon hard at work (Ameiko included), as well as a freshly made basket of piping hot blueberry muffins with a note from Mrs. Barrett, expressing her appreciation for rescuing her husband the day before, and helping all of Sandpoint. Breakfast in belly, the door to the Inn opened to reveal a large crowd, singing the praises of “the saviors of Sandpoint!”

Then the group went their separate ways, enjoying the adoration of an entire town for a day – it’s good to be king!

Session 1
Goblin Attack!

When we last left our party, goblins were suddenly swarming through the city! How did they enter, why are they attacking? These questions would have to wait. Several goblins ran up on to the podium, menacing the crowd while a few other snuck between buildings in a crude flanking maneuver. During the following melee, Jeffery Sarkus (a laborer) was fatally wounded by a goblin wielding a horsechopper, and another villager, Amele Barrett
sustained a nasty goblin bite, luckily on the arm opposite the one that carried his son!
The party did not entirely escape injury either, but they slew the initial force handily. There was no time for rest, however, as a group of children on a nearby wagon started screaming and pointing – A Goblin Warchanter and some fighters were in the process of killing the fabled goblin arch-nemesis… A dog!
A call from behind a nearby wagon revealed a noble (who the dog was protecting), one Aldern Foxglove
The party defeated the coterie of goblins, took the opportunity to catch their breaths, and looked further south to the chaos the town had descended into in such a short time. To the cheers of the crowd present, the party rushed forward to deal with further threats.

Session 0: Swallowtail Festival
Prelude to an attack..

Our adventures in Sandpoint begin! (Sunday, Rova 1st, 4707 AR)
The crowd gathered for the opening speeches of the Swallowtail Festival was quite respectable, by anyone’s reckoning, with many visitors in town and even many of the more reclusive farmers making the trek with their families to celebrate with the town of Sandpoint.
Mayor Kendra Deverin had a friendly attitude and excitement about the festival and town proved contagious as she welcomed visitors to town and joked that even Lars Rovanky managed to tear himself away from the tannery to attend (to everyone but Lars’ amusement). Sheriff Belor Hemlock made an address which managed to kill the mood a bit, calling for a moment of silence for those who had lost their lives during the Late Unpleasantness. Fortunately, Cyrdak Drokkus was more that up to the challenge of bringing the crowd’s mood back up with his rousing anecdotes as he delivered a not-completely-irreverent recap of the recent times and long process that the town went through to finance and built the new cathedral. He threw in a bit of indulgent self-promotion at the end, inviting everyone to stop by the Sandpoint Theatre the following evening to check out the new production (one of his own), called “The Harpy’s Curse,” and revealed that the lead role of Avisera the harpy queen would be played by none other than the famous Magnimarian diva Allishandra! Concluding the opening ceremonies was Father Zantus, who stepped up to give a short speech thanking everyone for coming before officially declaring the Swallowtail Festival under way.

At Noon, the crowd reassembled just outside of the new cathedral. Father Zantus and his acolytes brought out the wagon, gave a short parable, and released the thousand Swallowtail butterflies into the air in a spiralling riot of color to a great cheer from the crowd. Throughout the rest of the day, children tried to catch even one of the butterflies, but none were able. Lunch was provided at no cost, as each of Sandpoint’s taverns brought their best offerings in an innocent competition of food, though in the end it was Ameiko Kaijutsu and her remarkable curry-spiced salmon and early winterdrop mead which were the people’s choice.
The revelry continued throughout the rest of the day, until the sun finally began to set, and the consecration of the new cathedral began. Once again, the people gathered, and Father Zantus took the central podium. Using a thunderstone to gather the people’s attentions, he prepared to recite the Prayer of First Dreaming…
Suddenly, the sound of an explosion rang out, followed by a bloom of flame and smoke from further south in Sandpoint. Then, a woman’s scream pierced the air. A few moments later, another scream rises, and then another. Beyond them, a sudden surge of strange new voices rises – high pitched, tittering shrieks that sound not quite human. The crowd parts, and something low to the ground races by, giggling with disturbing glee as a stray dog gives a pained yelp, then lies still. A raucous sound of strange singing begins, chanted from shrill scratchy voices…


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